About this site

Trade unions are where working people organise and make their demands for a better working life and a better society.

Britain’s trade unions have a proud history of leading the fight for progressive social, economic and political change. Although much has changed, trade unions still have this role.

If Britain’s trade unions are to play this role again we need leaders at all levels, from the workplace rep to the official and the general secretaries who can:

  •  reach out to the broad mass of their leadership;
  • develop strategies to make concrete gains for their members and rebuild organisation;
  • Build broad-based left leadership in the trade union movement
  • understand the distinctive role that trade unions play in economic struggles and influencing political change and
  • understand the key power relations and dominant forces that shape our society.

Trade Union Futures is a resource for trade unionists run by supporters of the Morning Star, the daily paper of the left in Britain. Trade Union Futures aims to be part of the process of unifying everyone who shares that our vision and assisting in the development of a new generation of trade union leaders in Britain.

Here you will find educational resources for trade unionist, focused on analysing the distinctive role and history of the labour movement, as well as comment and debate on the key issues of our time.

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